6 Places Where Wayfinding Signage is Helpful

Everyone needs directions whether they are traveling across the country or finding their way through a building. How many times can you remember being in an unfamiliar area and in need of assistance to help find your way? Just like road maps, wayfinding signage directories can help map out any building layout in an easy-to-understand format.

6 Places Wayfinding Signage is Helpful


Most people are lucky to not spend large amounts of time in hospitals, so it’s no wonder that they can be very unfamiliar. Whether visiting a family member, having a procedure, or simply inquiring about some type of medical issue, navigating through a hospital can be tricky. Placing wayfinding signage in strategic areas can help direct patients, visitors and even staff to the correct room, hallway or wing. A hospital touchscreen building directory can save time and energy.

Theme Parks

Theme parks are some of the most visited destinations in the world and can offer entertainment for visitors of all ages. However, attractions are spread all over the park and sometimes can be hard to find. This is when wayfinding signage comes into play. Instead of printing out numerous copies of park maps, interactive kiosks can help guests find where they want to go. Wayfinding signage from REDYREF can make experiences more enjoyable because it makes locating attractions easy.

Shopping Malls and Lifestyle Centers

Shopping malls are often filled with many people looking for various products. From apparel to shoes to food, shopping malls are usually large and can be difficult to navigate. A touchscreen building directory can be tailored to any customer and shopping environment. Finding the store customers need can be as easy as touching its name on an interactive kiosk and then being digitally directed to their chosen destination.

Airport Terminals

Airports have so many different gates, stores, restaurants, and operational centers that it's easy to see why passengers can become confused. Missing a flight or a connection can be an enormous hassle and inconvenience. An airport touchscreen building directory is able to show real-time information about flights and where they are located, as well as other services visitors may need. Passengers can quickly find their gates, enabling them to make it to their flights on time.

Higher Education

Colleges and universities have some of the biggest campuses around. Freshman and prospective students can easily get lost and confused when trying to find specific campus buildings like the admissions office or a residence hall. Wayfinding signage can help these students find what they are looking for while managing stress as they learn to navigate a new environment.

Convention Centers & Hotels

Interactive kiosks and wayfinding signage are extremely helpful in convention centers because they can guide event-goers to their assigned seats, restrooms, conference rooms and other areas that are important. Much like convention centers, hotels can benefit from these types of directories as well so guests can easily locate their rooms, check out the ice machine/vending areas and even find the pool.

Interactive kiosks and wayfinding signage are very helpful in many applications in order to keep people moving efficiently, saving them time and effort. Incorporating building directories and signage can simplify the user experience, making it much more pleasant.

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