Digital Signage Guide for Churches and Other Places of Worship 2020

Churches and other places of worship add value to communities in many ways. For instance, they can facilitate communication and understanding between younger and older generations, giving them a place and space to explore a common interest. One way to ensure a comfortable environment for worshipers of all ages is via digital technology that simplifies their visits, and makes them more willing to come back. Digital signage has become a popular choice for many religious facilities due to its multiple uses and applications. Today, we will discuss the benefits digital signage can bring to places of worship and how it can better a community. 

What Does Digital Signage Include?

Digital signage provides an easy to read display that prominently displays information of all kinds. Depending on the size of the display, the software chosen, and the various components integrated, digital signage can offer many benefits a range of form factors: 

church digital signage.

Video Walls: Video walls utilize multiple displays to showcase a variety of information and images.  They can be used together to create one large image, such as a photo of an entire congregation. Or they can be used individually to display unique information on each at the same time. For instance, one may offer the ability to search a member directory, another a list of upcoming events and services, a third could show a facility map, and a fourth an inspirational message. They are best placed in areas that receive heavy foot traffic, and can be used both to communicate and beautify a given environment. Utilizing a video wall in this way can help bring a sense of community to any place of worship, including churches, mosques and synagogues. 

Transactional Kiosks:  Transactional kiosks are a form of digital signage that is integrated with various software and physical components to enhance their interactivity and usefulness. These kiosks can be customized for a wide range of uses, from accepting member donations and printing tickets, to registering/paying for church-sponsored events.  Transactional kiosks can be outfitted with components including printers, bill and coin collectors, credit card readers, and signature pads in order to meet these needs. 

Wayfinding: Wayfinding kiosks are perhaps the most used form of digital signage, helping visitors navigate larger facilities that may be more confusing, especially to those unfamiliar with the environment. This can decrease stress and ensure visitors are able to make it to sermons, classes, offices, or events on time.


Why Should Religious Facilities Consider Digital Signage?

Digital signage can provide an important asset for synagogues, churches, mosques, and other places of worship, both in building community, and eliminating waste. Digital signage can offer a means to create awareness of the facility and the beliefs of those who attend, which can assist in getting the attention of young adults, something many religions are struggling with at the moment as attendance is declining in many places. It can also make older church members more comfortable by offering a bright, easy-to-read display for those with compromised vision. At the same time, digital signage decreases the need for paper flyers and handouts, eliminating the cost to print, as well as the environmental impact of utilizing unnecessary paper. 


What Are the Benefits of Digital Signage? 

Digital signage provides many benefits, including:

Direct Communication

Digital signage can provide a large amount of information, even when space is at a premium, to multiple people at once. It lessens the need to have additional personnel on hand to assist visitors and members.  Because it can be updated quickly via remote locations, the information displayed is easy to keep up to date, giving everyone in attendance access to the latest news and events. 


Digital signage can not only be updated easily, but it can also be customized for a wide variety of purposes. It makes rotating through different announcements, advertisements from local businesses, and event information -- all in the same place -- possible in a way that paper signage simply cannot match.  This also allows any religious facility, from churches to mosques, to communicate a mix of relevant messages based on the specific audience they want to address, making that messaging more meaningful. 

Multiple Applications

Digital signage functionality isn’t limited to showcasing simple images because true digital signage isn't simply a nice-looking television. Instead, it includes specialized hardware and software that are purpose-built to handle more than the display of attractive pictures. This means digital signage can be integrated with components to enhance its functionality, including printers, credit card readers, and bill collectors, and software that can handle wayfinding, ticket printing, and event registration.


The last benefit of digital signage is consistent branding and the ability to communicate messages of pride and inspiration to the church community. Digital signage can provide a clear and concise message that helps to promote the accomplishments of the place of worship's members, staff, volunteers, and religious leaders in a nonintrusive format. 

church groups.

Examples of Digital Signage in Churches

Digital signage is becoming increasingly common in churches and other places of worship, providing an information bank for those who don’t have immediate access to a smartphone or computer. Below are some examples of ways digital signage is being incorporated into religious facilities today.

Religious Holidays/Celebration

Attractively showcasing upcoming holidays and celebrations, as well as photos and images of past events, is one way to utilize digital signage in places of worship.

Bible Study/Classes/Event Organization

Digital signage can help can display the time, date, and location of important events, including things such as bible study, choir practice, and learning opportunities. By providing a consistent schedule that can be viewed digitally, these groups can easily maintain their schedules and make them available to the larger community.


Digital signage can be used to display photos of the couple as well as a personal message from them, and information regarding the ceremony and reception, including date, time, and place.  This helps create a welcoming environment that is customized for the attendees. 


Digital signage can be used to display pictures from the life that attendees are there to celebrate, helping to remember them in a positive way. 

Bar/Bat Mitzvahs and Other Religious Events

Today, digital signage in places of worship can be useful to help organize and display information regarding important religious events such as bar and bat mitzvahs. They can provide a schedule of events along with location, and display pictures of the person being celebrated. For those that don’t have access to a smart device, digital signage can also make it easy for those to follow along by providing religious texts onscreen so they are able to follow along with the ceremony. 

How to Find a Trustworthy Digital Signage Partner

Finding the right company with which to partner to create the right digital signage solution for your school or university environment and purpose can be complicated. Reading reviews, consulting with different manufacturers and doing your own research will all be important to the process. Installation and maintenance of the kiosk or digital signage should also be considered when reviewing options. 

Why Choose REDYREF for Digital Signage 

Digital signage provides an invaluable service for places of worship and their communities. REDYREF is a leader in kiosk and digital signage manufacturing and one of the most trusted names in the industry. From digital signage solutions for religious institutions and restaurants to COVID-19 temperature taking kiosks, REDYREF manufactures kiosks tailored to all of their customers' needs. 

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