Self-Service Kiosks for Government Agencies

Self-service kiosks have been around for quite some time, but only in the past decade (and in particular, the last several years) have they become a truly common sight. Many branches of state, local and federal governments are also moving toward digital kiosk technology to help improve, simplify and streamline operations.

What are Self-Service Kiosks?

Digital self-service kiosks provide organizations a low- or no-contact way of interacting with their visitors, customers or guests. They offer the ability to order, pay, print tickets, assist with navigation and wayfinding, or allow for self-check in, to name just a few of the available options. These kiosks can be freestanding, wall-mounted or counter-mounted, and are able to be configured with full-size computers and large displays or as smaller, simpler tablet solutions.

government kiosk.

Which Government Departments Utilize Self-Service Kiosks? 

Digital self-service kiosks can be found in many government offices, including:

  • Federal buildings 
  • Departments of Motor Vehicles (DMVs)  
  • Post offices 
  • Courthouses 
  • City halls
  • Public libraries 
  • Correctional institutions

Kiosk Services for Kiosks Government Agencies 

Self-service kiosks can perform a variety of functions for government institutions:

Self-check out

Libraries were another early adopter of simple digital kiosks. As library cards made the move away from paper and toward digital over the past 15 years, many libraries integrated the cards with tablet computers equipped with barcode scanners, allowing patrons to checkout books without waiting in long lines for personal assistance. 

Postage printing & stamp dispensing

The United States Postal Service was one of the first government agencies to begin using self-service kiosks regularly. Instead of requiring customers to wait in what can be extremely long lines in order to mail a simple package or buy a package of stamps, many locations are now equipped with kiosks that allow these types of transactions to be completed without assistance.

Driver’s license tests

Driver’s license tests have been given digitally for a number of years, now, but some DMVs have adopted a tablet or free-standing kiosk version of driver’s license testing. Instead of having to wait for one of only a handful of computers to be available, applicants can instead be given a tablet computer – a much less expensive option –  to use in a designated testing area. Test results are then able to be made available almost immediately. 

Car registration renewal

Many state governments now allow residents to renew their car registrations via digital kiosks. While some kiosks are located in the DMVs themselves, others, such as those in Georgia, are installed in grocery stores, making it even more convenient to pay for and receive a renewal.  

Fee & bill payment

Bill payment kiosks were some of the first to be used regularly by government agencies. These kiosks allow users to pay fees for simple parking violations, such as parking tickets, as well as pay for utilities, like water and sewer bills.

Visitor management

Most public-facing government agencies see long lines, especially toward the end and very beginning of each month. DMVs and social security offices can be particularly busy. Self-service kiosks help keep offices running smoothly in an orderly manner by providing visitor management solutions such as printing tickets to give visitors their number in line, or providing digital check-in services. 

Benefits of Digital Kiosks for Federal, State and Local Governments

Self-service kiosks have many advantages for all levels of government, including:

Greater efficiency & lower costs

Digital kiosks can perform many of the simpler and more repetitive tasks generally asked of staff. However, self-service kiosks are less expensive than full-time or even part-time employees. Kiosks allow government agencies, like DMVs, to help more people in a given amount of time, without increasing expenses

Security & privacy

Kiosks can be equipped with software that makes them extremely secure. Transactions that involve sensitive data, such as social security numbers or credit card information, can be easily protected. 

Better visitor experience

Digital kiosks’ efficiency can help reduce long lines and wait times. Specialized kiosk software can provide services that even a large staff cannot, such as multiple language translation for various tasks from car registration renewal to utilities payment. In general. self-service kiosks enable a better overall user experience for visitors. 

Why Choose REDYREF Self-Service Kiosks for Government Agencies

With more than 100 years of kiosk manufacturing experience, REDYREF is able to customize self-service solutions across a wide range of public sector needs. From DMVs and courthouses to bill payment and postage purchases, REDYREF helps government agencies reduce red tape, increase efficiency and lower costs. Interested in learning more? Request an online quote for your kiosk project, or call 1.800.628.3603 for additional information. 


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