Kansas City International Airport Introduces Groundbreaking Interactive Kiosks

Last year, REDYREF was engaged by Smart City Media for assistance with launching Kansas City International (KCI) Airport’s stunning new interactive kiosks. They rolled out across the airport in November, just in time for the start of the holiday rush.

The digital kiosks are available for travelers’ use throughout the KCI facility. At 75″, these are some of the largest interactive kiosks anywhere in the world and demonstrate the airport’s dedication to offering travelers the most cutting-edge technology available.

Each kiosk is identical and offers airport visitors an incredible user experience with just the touch of the screen.  Software, provided by industry-leader Smart City Media, not only provides travelers with the expected options to display airport amenities and airline statuses, but also an innovative emergency system panel that includes a microphone, allowing them to call 911 directly from the kiosk in order to easily alert first responders.

Visitors choosing to use the kiosk may also be surprised by its “lighter side” — an integrated camera meant to capture airport selfies that can be sent to the user’s phone for posting to social media or sharing via email or text.

“Being a part of the KCI directory launch was a great experience,” says Will Pymm, Managing Partner of REDYREF. “The quality of the interactive displays chosen for the kiosks makes it clear that the facility’s management has made traveler comfort and user experience a major priority .”

For more information about REDYREF’s digital kiosk solutions, contact the sales team at 1-800-628-3603, or request a quote online.


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