Benefits of Airport Kiosks in 2024 and Beyond

The COVID-19 pandemic increased the need for contactless interactions in almost all public places, and air travel is no exception. This means evens that travelers expect contactless interactions, such as those enabled by digital kiosks, than ever before. Today, we will discuss some of the benefits of airport kiosks and how they work to create a safer environment for both staff and travelers.  

What is an airport kiosk? 

An airport kiosk is a kiosk that allows visitors to check-in, print a boarding pass, check their bags and request seating changes, essentially automating most common tasks. In addition to these specific functions, airport kiosks can also provide the same benefits as traditional kiosks, including increased brand visibility, wayfinding functionality, news headlines, and public health messaging. 

Why will airport kiosks be important in 2023 and beyond?

The COVID-19 pandemic greatly altered much of how the world functions and has increased the need for contactless interactions. Although airport kiosks are not new, their roles are expanding in order to keep operations running smoothly while limiting health risks to both employees and travelers. 

What are the main functions of an airport kiosk?

Airport kiosks allow many common air travel-related tasks to be automated while providing convenience to the user and ultimately putting less strain on airport staff. These kiosks include software that presents information in a wide range of languages, making them easy to use for most travelers. They assist with air travel by allowing self-service flight check-in, boarding pass printing, baggage check, and luggage tag printing. Many also let travelers upgrade or make changes to their seats, make changes for same-day flights, and access benefits such as frequent flyer perks.


Long lines to check in for flights can be one of the most stressful parts of air travel, especially when pressed for time. Airport kiosks allow travelers to bypass the main check-in counters, giving them more time to get through security and to their gates. 

Print Ticket & Boarding Passes

Kiosks allow travelers to print boarding passes ahead of time, with some airports making kiosks available right at the airport entrances. As with online check-in, it simply requires providing credentials such as a confirmation number or the credit card used to make the reservation, and then the kiosk will print out a physical boarding pass. This greatly expedites the check-in process, especially when traveling with a carry-on, only, as there is no need to wait to check a bag. 

Print Luggage Tag

 Airport kiosks allow travelers to print luggage tags, which are required for all checked baggage. Traditionally, travelers would have to wait in line to receive these tags, but with a kiosk, the process can be completed at the same time as checking in for a flight and printing boarding passes. Baggage is then simply dropped at a bag drop station before the traveler proceeds to a security checkpoint.  

Purchase In-Flight Upgrades

In addition to the primary services listed above, kiosks can also be used to upgrade assigned seats. If travelers would like more legroom or higher levels of service, kiosks can be used to change seats and/or purchase these upgrades. 

Change or Update Same-Day Flights

If travelers need to update or change an existing flight due to scheduling conflicts, this can be done right at the kiosk, even when there are ticket change fees that must be paid.

Use and Access Frequent Flyer Miles

 Almost all airlines offer frequent flyer benefits and perks. Airport kiosks can allow travelers to access these benefits when they input their credentials, including food and drink credits, and access passes to preflight executive lounges. 

Aircraft Landing Fee Payment

Regional airports with limited staff often deploy airport landing fee payment kiosks to handle processing incoming aircraft more efficiently, while cutting down on paperwork and administrative errors.

Primary benefits of airport kiosks

Airport kiosks allow airports to operate more safely and efficiently by automating many common tasks. Below are some of the main benefits of airport kiosks and how they work to create a safer environment for air travel. 

Faster Check-In Process

The primary benefit of a kiosk system is faster check-in for travelers. Airports handle a large volume of visitors daily which can be quite difficult for staff to handle alone, especially during the busiest times, like holidays and over the summer. Kiosks expedite check-in, resulting in shorter lines, decreased wait times, and happier customers.


Airport kiosks provide a great deal of utility besides flight check-in and boarding pass and baggage tag printing. They are also able to provide a platform that can be used for entertainment, urgent updates, and advertising.


 The COVID-19 pandemic has increased the attractiveness of contact-free interactions, especially in busy public settings. Airport kiosks help to reassure passengers by limiting personal interactions with staff, while creating a safer environment for travelers and employees.

Satisfying Customer Expectations

Kiosks are becoming increasingly common across industries and environments. That is because they provide users with the freedom to interact and purchase items without assistance. Simply offering the opportunity for travelers to utilize airport kiosks can greatly increase customers’ overall satisfaction with their travel experience. 

Lower overhead

Kiosks allow businesses to operate with fewer staff on-site which ultimately decreases overhead costs. Kiosks can handle a variety of automated tasks which allow staff to handle more complex challenges such as customer service. Ultimately, kiosks let businesses operate more efficiently in terms of both financial and practical matters.

Self-check-in kiosks are an essential asset to not only airports but other businesses as well. They allow companies to operate with more flexibility, saving money while still meeting the needs of customers.


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