Kiosk Materials + Prototyping vs. Short Runs

The process of kiosk prototyping can vary greatly depending on the material used.  For instance, producing a kiosk out of wood is incredibly different than prototyping in metal.  There are those who can design and engineer wooden structures in their head, then bring them to life just by visiting their local home improvement store and purchasing the right materials.  This idea holds true for prototyping wooden kiosks because they don't require specialized equipment to build.  Metal kiosk prototyping and design, however, is generally more complex and expensive.

Saving Money by Outsourcing Overseas: Does it Really Cut Costs?

Many companies outsource to China and other countries overseas to benefit from reduced labor costs. Unfortunately, the savings gained by outsourcing in this manner doesn’t necessarily add up in the end.  The costs associated with having to constantly review a structure located thousands of miles away until it’s correct end up being quite high in terms of both money and time. Travel and significant time zone differences alone can add weeks to a project, slowing the potential time to market. As an American metal kiosk manufacturer with locations in New Jersey, New Hampshire, Texas and Pennsylvania, we are able to create many efficiencies for our customers that result in costs that are very much in line with those quoted by overseas vendors.  Operating multiple locations grants us the flexibility and savings enjoyed by national shops, while still allowing us to act “locally.”  In order words, we’re often right around the corner from our customers, making prototype revisions quick and simple, which can speed up a project significantly, allowing our clients to get new products to market much more quickly than they might otherwise.

Kiosk Prototypes vs. Short Runs

At the same time, we able to offer our clients the opportunity to produce short runs of new kiosk products, instead of building a single prototype unit and subjecting it to multiple revisions before finally starting production. Our close proximity to our customers lets us quickly revise an entire run as needed and get the finished kiosks out the door, installed and generating revenue, all in about the same amount of time an overseas vendor may take to complete a single kiosk prototype. As expert metal kiosk designers and fabricators, REDYREF delivers superior end-to-end kiosk manufacturing services.  Find out how we can help fulfill all of your company’s digital kiosk needs by requesting a quote online, or by calling us at (800) 628-3603 today.

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