Mall Digital Signage Guide 2020

Shopping centers and malls today are fast transforming into more modern and complex retail spaces. A major contributor to this is digital signage. Today, digital signage helps to provide mall guests with a better retail experience, helping them make informed shopping decisions, ensuring they can find what they need, and updating them on current events and trends. Digital signage is the future and it helps not only the shoppers but the public's perception of the mall, as well.

What is digital signage?

At its most basic, digital signage is simply a large format, electronic display.  Digital signage can be used for many different applications, from QSR menu boards, to local area information like weather and traffic, to advertising and wayfinding. While digital signage is not inexpensive, there are advantages to making the investment due to its overall flexibility in terms of its various uses, and ease of updating. 

mall signage.

Why is digital signage important?

Digital signage plays an important part in mall and other shopping environments, like lifestyle centers. It can quickly impart a more modern look, while serving multiple, functional purposes, including brand awareness and navigational assistance for shoppers. Because digital signage is bright and easy-to-see, it is also useful to capture visitors' attention when there is limited time in which to do so, such as along their navigational route.   

What are the benefits of digital signage in malls?

There are several benefits to having digital signage in malls:

Improved Brand Awareness, On and Offline

Digital signage is a great way to generate brand awareness and grow/engage a brand's online audience as well. Traditional media is limited to a billboard paper sign, whereas digital signage offers the flexibility of multiple advertising and marketing channels, from electronic kiosks to digital signs, all of which can be branded with the company's logo, website address, and social media handles/hashtags. 

Enhanced Brand Image 

Simple awareness of a brand isn't always enough. Brands also need to be seen as on-trend and changing with the times. Reinforcing key messages that keep brands front-of-mind with their intended audience is a common use of digital mall signage for many businesses from retail to restaurants.

Customizable messaging

One very important advantage of digital signage is how quickly and easily messaging and images can be changed. Most digital signage is simply updated remotely via cloud-based software -- no paper, printing or other hassles required.  

Communication and Engagement

Beyond just assisting with brand awareness, digital signage is also an excellent tool for communication, customer engagement, and even data collection. It can easily relay important information and announcements, from weather emergencies to new store openings and sales. Interactive digital signage, like wayfinding, can help provide information for shoppers while anonymously collecting data that can help in tailoring future marketing messages and campaigns.

Examples of Digital Signage in Malls

There are numerous examples of digital signage in malls today:

  • Wayfinding : Wayfinding assists both new and returning visitors, allowing them to navigate the space and find the stores or services they are looking for without wasting time. This is done via kiosks with detailed maps and directories, along with helpful iconography.
  • Advertisements: Screens and physical kiosks can display ads for any type of product, service, or store for the sake of brand awareness or specific events or promotions like sales. 
  • News and Entertainment: Kiosks help keep shoppers informed regarding current events or emergency situations, such as extreme weather. Kiosks help to provide news as well as a rotating display of various entertainment clips to keep shoppers entertained during their visit.
  • Mall Information: Kiosks also help to provide all the necessary information for a shopper at a mall. This can include business hours, new store openings, or any upcoming events.

Why choose REDYREF for digital mall signage?

REDYREF is a leader in kiosk and digital signage manufacturing and one of the most trusted names in the industry. Our staff works directly with every customer to customize a kiosk that is the right fit for their specific needs, and within their budget. This includes digital signage to enhance mall and other shopping environments. Call us at 1-800-628-3603 or request a quote online today and our sales team will be happy to assist you with your mall kiosk project. 


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