RedyRef Interactive Releases New enGAGE.Touch Software Suite Featuring Digital Building Directory Solutions

REDYREF Interactive, an industry leader in self-service kiosk design and manufacturing, has released its latest software suite: enGAGE.Touch. This platform is built on the foundation of REDYREF's digital directory software module, which can be used alone or integrated with advanced digital wayfinding and visitor management modules for more complex needs.

Riverdale, NJ (PRWEB) July 11, 2017 REDYREF Interactive has launched a new and innovative wayfinding software suite: enGAGE.Touch. The core of this system is the cutting-edge digital building directory module, which can be seamlessly integrated with additional software modules and semi-custom enclosures for environments that require more complex solutions.

Innovative, Modular, Intuitive Electronic Building Directory Systems

REDYREF’s enGAGE.Touch digital building directories go further than just helping visitors to quickly locate companies, departments or personnel, says Will Pymm, Vice President and Managing Partner. “The new enGAGE.Touch Mobile Handover feature makes it easy for guests to transfer maps and directions from the directory right to their smartphone. Integration with Google Maps means wayfinding information is always accurate and up-to-date, not just within the facility, but also for those requiring assistance with the surrounding area. It’s truly an all-in-one solution.”

Digital Directories Developed with Flexibility in Mind

enGAGE.Touch electronic directory systems may be customized to meet a wide range of business needs, including support for multiple floor and campus maps. User experience is enhanced by allowing interactive directory search by multiple criteria, including employee, company, department, floor or room name/number. Updates are simplified by allowing editing permissions to be granted to multiple users, including office tenants.

An Electronic Directory for Every Environment

With multiple opportunities for customization, enGAGE.Touch digital directory software is the premier choice for multiple deployment environments. From electronic lobby directories to educational campus signage, the easy-to-use, interactive directory interface enhances visitor satisfaction by reducing the stress of wayfinding, and tenant satisfaction by allowing anyone with access to manage their own data, reducing and often eliminating common data entry issues. Visitors and tenants alike benefit when critical building and campus updates and information are communicated digitally and able to be updated as needed.

Integrated Software and Kiosk Enclosure Solutions, Simplified

enGAGE.Touch electronic building directory software was developed to be integrated with any of REDYREF's kiosk enclosures, all of which are designed and manufactured in-house. From custom, built-to-order digital building directories, to modular self-service kiosks from the semi-custom enGAGE line, REDYREF's kiosk enclosures can be tailored to the exact use case and environment. When combined with the new enGAGE.Touch software suite, guests are able to navigate a single office building or a large multi-facility campus using detailed floor and campus maps, ensuring they are able to reach their intended destinations on-time and without unnecessary stress or frustration.



Established more than 100 years ago, REDYREF Interactive is a vertically-integrated manufacturer and developer of electronic building directories, digital wayfinding solutions and self-service kiosks.


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