The Ultimate Guide to Creating The Best Wayfinding Signage

When was the last time you were in an unfamiliar place? Was it a mall or perhaps an office building? Either way, it can sometimes be difficult to find exactly where you are going and finding a receptionist or secretary to lead you in the right direction can sometimes be nearly impossible. However, do you want to know the solution to these daily struggles? Wayfinding signage building directories!

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Five Tips for Creating the Best Wayfinding Signage


One of the main problems navigating through buildings is that there are rarely any directories in a centralized location. Upon entering a building, the most ideal area to place a wayfinding directory is close to the main entrance. This allows for people who enter the building to quickly access where they need to go. After that time, having a few other directories in various locations in the building further help navigate travelers. Some areas include near elevators, stairs or lobbies on different floors.


In order to help people find where they are looking for, the design of wayfinding directories should easily standout. An attractive and modern look with vibrant colors that match the theme of the building will catch the eyes of passer-bys. Not only will the aesthetics be appealing but the directory will streamline the overall look of the building and make the space more professional.

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Keeping your company branding in mind is crucial when constructing a kiosk because it’s going to be a part of your business. While branding and design run together, it is important to incorporate specific branding cues to make your business look well-rounded. In addition to branding, you want to make sure that all of the kiosks look the same and have the same vibe to create a unified feeling.

Manufacturing Facility

A product is only as good as the place it’s made which is why a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility is needed to meet the demands of the design. Using advanced machining technology with skilled engineers can help craft the best kiosk on the market.

Quality Materials

In order to construct great wayfinding signage, you have to have the highest quality materials at your disposal. Constructing a long-lasting kiosk is the best cost-effective solution for clients because they can trust a brand that can pass the test of time. In addition to the materials, making the surface easy to maintain is key because you want your client to have the ability to keep it tidy. Balancing the two is a feat that RedyRef has attained!

Skilled Employees

As mentioned above, a product is only as great as the hands who craft it. Having highly skilled and trained professionals handling wayfinding signage is the critical aspect of a modern and sleek product.


Having history in the industry is one of the biggest components when creating the best way finding signage because it shows the tireless effort or creating the best product. With years of experience, it displays that something is being done the right way and that is completely true in the manufacturing business. Building a reputation goes a long way when constructing the greatest kiosks.


Since we live in the technology age, isn’t it time to integrate technology in wayfinding signage building directories? More and more people are using touch screen devices and are quite savvy with technology. Making a building directory touch screen brings it into the 21st century and makes those old printed signs obsolete.

Wayfinding Signage Software

Along with touchscreen capabilities, the software for the directory should be engaging and fast. Imagine being in a building with multiple floors and using the touch screen wayfinding directory to specifically choose the floor you are going to. This makes navigating a big building very easy while also having the ability for the kiosk to display other information. Having it serve multiple purposes could be very beneficial because they have the ability to promote products, display the weather conditions and much more!


Wayfinding directories can serve a multitude of purposes like being the welcoming piece in your entrance. Essential personnel like security no longer have to give directions to visitors and can perform other duties. These kiosks also provide the capability of checking in visitors that can process their arrival, eliminating some receptionist tasks.

Utilizing wayfinding directories/kiosks can vastly improve the flow of a building and generate cost-effective efficiencies.

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