What Makes Outdoor Touchscreen Kiosk Deployments Different than Indoor?

Most interactive kiosks are intended for indoor use in settings such as food service, retail, banking or for other similar consumer needs.  This makes it easy for digital outdoor kiosks to get lost in the shuffle, as there is less demand and need for these solutions. However, when you need a touch screen kiosk for an outdoor application, there is simply no room for error or compromise, because these kiosks are truly in a different league than typical kiosks solutions.

Outdoor Digital Kiosks: Built to Withstand Almost Anything

An outdoor kiosk has to be built with an enclosure that is able to withstand much harsher environmental conditions than just consumer use and regular wear and tear.  Instead, they need to be able to handle extreme weather conditions, ranging from freezing temperatures and snow, strong winds, direct sunlight, heavy rain and temperatures as high as 140 degrees Fahrenheit. To add to the complications of deploying an outdoor kiosk solution, because they have to be more rugged than their indoor siblings, many are often lacking in terms of style or usability.  The enclosure becomes less of a focus outside of pure durability and the ability to handle the weather and climate around it.

Outdoor Digital Kiosks

Building Outdoor Digital Kiosks For Function and Form

REDYREF recognizes the need for high-end, aesthetically pleasing design no matter where a kiosk is located and this is when our experience as a vertically integrated kiosk manufacturer truly benefits our customers. With engineers and designers in-house, we have been able to dedicate many project hours to creating flexible outdoor kiosk options that offer not just durability, but also excellent design and functionality.  Our two most popular touchscreen kiosks are:

  • The Bazooka is available in both indoor and outdoor versions, and is easily the most modular kiosk we have engineered to date. It is easily customized for almost any component and its capabilities are limited only by the imagination of our clients.
  • The Skyline is also available in both indoor and outdoor versions, and was engineered especially for use cases where larger LCD monitors may be required. It also stands out due to its unique, portrait-style monitor configuration.

While there will always be challenges to planning and deploying an outdoor digital kiosk program, the process can be greatly simplified by partnering with an experienced, vertically integrated manufacturer like REDYREF. Contact us today at (800) 628-3603 today or request a quote online and we’ll be with you every step of the way to ensure that your kiosk deployment meets every one of your business’ unique needs and requirements.

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