Why Digital Menu Boards are Becoming the New Standard for QSRs

We’ve all heard the old adage that “content is king.” And in the digital world, there are very few people who would be likely to disagree. Content is one of the biggest sales drivers around, across many different markets. The other highly influencing factor is user (or customer) experience. So it should be of no surprise that that digital menu boards are experiencing such a surge in popularity in the quick-service restaurant industry. They combine two of the most powerful predictors of increased sales — the potential to create compelling content, while offering a positive, memorable user experience. So, provided that the product being sold is solid, whether it’s a pumpkin latte or the latest super-duper-triple bacon blue cheeseburger, it stands to reason that digital menu boards could be a logical next step for increasing revenue in QSR environments.

Wendy's Hamburgers Kiosk

Why do QSRs implement digital menu boards?

Some of the reasons include:

  • Ability to quickly update content, which can mean anything from adding specials to changing item pricing
  • Potential to minimize future expenditures on new static, non-digital signage, whenever something changes
  • Option to add additional content relevant to their consumers, from local community events to restaurant happenings
  • Greater opportunities for agile testing in each market, from new items and pricing structures to store promotions
  • Efficiencies created from integrations of digital signage and menu boards with point-of-sale (POS) systems and real-time inventory data, so out-of-stock items can be immediately taken off of the menu, avoiding the potential for customer disappointment and frustration
  • Signage, branding and messaging consistency throughout and between stores, whether there are 1 or 1000, in drive-throughs, online, in-app or in the physical store line

What are some other reasons digital menu boards are a good investment for QSRs?

Visual representation of the menu allows for multiple options in terms of food presentation. Rotating slides, 360º views, and crystal-clear graphics often make items more enticing. It allows QSRs to focus on items that are more profitable than others, helping to increase overall margins. Well-organized, attractive, easy-to-read digital menus make for a better customer experience, an easier, clearer ordering process, and a more positive impression of the company overall.

While the decision to implement digital menu boards is not a small investment, careful planning and a complete understanding of your QSR’s objectives will go a long way toward making the investment a smart one. Come back next week when we delve more deeply into this discussion. And if you’ve already decided that digital menu boards are right for your business, simply request a quote online or call (800) 628-3603 today and REDYREF will be there every step of the way to ensure your company’s unique signage needs and goals are met.

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