$15 Minimum Wage in the Age of Self-Service Kiosks -- Pt. 2

In our last blog, we began discussing automation as it applies to the use of self-service kiosks. This week, we’ll go into more depth regarding the rise of automation in consumer-facing industries, and begin taking a more detailed look at the Five Ws:

  1. Who is using it
  2. What types are currently in marketplace
  3. Where we are seeing it utilized
  4. When it is most helpful to implement
  5. Why its use is becoming much more widespread

Wendy's Digital Ordering Kiosks

So, who is using self-service kiosks?  Well, it seems like almost every type of business has a use for one anymore.  Most major airports, quick-serve restaurants like Wendy's and Panera, major hotel chains such as Marriott and Hilton, large universities and retail titans including Target and Walmart, just to name a few. What types of digital kiosks and where they exist in the marketplace truly covers an enormous spectrum.  Some of the most common include:

  • Digital touchscreen airport, university and business directories
  • Ticket purchasing kiosks for public transit and sporting events
  • Self-service food-ordering kiosks at quick-serve restaurants
  • Self-service ordering via tablet at major restaurant chains
  • Express check-in kiosks in large hotel chains

When it’s most useful to implement self-serve kiosks generally correlates with the number of users a business has -- which doesn’t necessarily mean kiosks are best utilized only during the busiest times.  Some of the smartest applications of digital kiosks are actually in areas where there users who require help, but maybe not enough that hiring full-time employees to staff the location makes financial sense.

Why businesses are using digital kiosks is where things really get interesting. While there are a range of reasons to automate processes where it makes sense, some of the most common ones have to do with controlling costs associated with human labor. These can include benefits, absenteeism and the increasing concerns around higher, government-mandated wages -- like the $15 minimum wage recently passed in New York State.

Now that we’ve covered the five W’s, in next week’s blog, we’ll begin taking a more in-depth look at self-service kiosks are being utilized, and the benefits that can be gained both for those deploying them and end users alike. Want to know how REDYREF can help your business control costs via the use of self-service digital kiosks? Simply submit a request for proposal online or call (800) 628-3603 today for more information.

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