8+ Benefits of Temperature Screening Kiosks for Your Business

Temperature kiosks help to provide a safer environment for employees, visitors and guests, and because of this, are fast becoming a critical asset for many businesses in which personnel must work on site. Today we will discuss the value of these kiosks and the value they offer.

What is a Temperature Screening Kiosk?

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A temperature screening kiosk is a kiosk that uses facial recognition and infrared technology to scan and record an individual’s temperature. The purpose of these kiosks is to help screen individuals for a fever or other abnormal reading through a contactless system, making it less likely that someone who is ill will be granted access to the building, and therefore, less likely to infect others. In addition to temperature readings, many of these kiosks also dispense contactless hand sanitizer and sanitizing wipes.


Why are Temperature Screening Kiosks Important?

Temperature screening kiosks are becoming an essential part of everyday life in certain circumstances, as they provide contactless screening that can help protect public health in indoor environments. Post-pandemic, it is imperative that all individuals are aware of their health status not just for their own safety, but also for the safety of others. Temperature kiosks provide a simple solution to quickly get an idea of which individuals might pose a health risk. 


Benefits of Temperature Screening Kiosks

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1. Contactless Screening 

Contactless screening is a primary benefit of temperature kiosks as they allow for screening to take place prior to individuals entering the main area of a building, such as a lobby. The alternative is for temperatures to be taken by a person that is less than 6ft away with a temperature gun. Temperature kiosks provide a much more practical, truly contactless solution. Currently, there are many businesses that require individuals to take their temperature before arriving at a business or office. However, this type of honor system is not always perfect, and during a global pandemic, it’s better to be safe than sorry by screening for fevers while on company grounds.


2. Restricting Building or Facility Entry/Access

Temperature screening kiosks can be integrated with software that allows companies to limit building access when employees or visitors are flagged for an abnormal reading. This is done via a badge scanning feature. All employees and visitors are issued a scannable badge that unlocks the facility’s doors when they are cleared to enter due to a normal temperature screening. Those with fevers will not be issued a badge, and can instead of sent home to self-monitor and return when it is safe to do so.


3. Creating a Safer Health Environment for Employees and Visitors

Employees and visitors may be hesitant to work indoors given COVID-19, and even cold and flu season. Temperature kiosks help prevent sick individuals from entering the facility, providing a level of safety and security that would not otherwise be possible.  


4. Efficiency and Consistency

Temperature kiosks provide efficient and consistent results. Compared to traditional screening methods, a kiosk only takes 1-2 seconds to produce results quickly and with great accuracy. 


5. Contactless Hand Sanitizer Dispensing

Many temperature kiosks house contactless hand sanitizer dispensers and sanitizing wipes. This encourages employees and visitors to keep their hands clean and provides peace of mind as well. A visitor simply needs to walk up to the kiosk and hold out their hand under the dispensing nozzle. A motion detection sensor will then trigger the kiosk dispense a generous amount of hand sanitizer, with no need for contact between the kiosk and the individual. 


6. Temperature Reporting & Alerts

Another benefit of temperature screening kiosks are temperature reports and alerts. These trigger when the kiosk detects a fever or other abnormal reading, and can be programmed to alert appropriate facilities management staff to assist the individual. This is most prevalent at hospitals as it allows patients and employees to be screened so they may enter without endangering the health of other, potentially high-risk, individuals within the building.


7. Facial Recognition

Temperature screening kiosks can be integrated with facial recognition that is able to identify employees, even with their masks on. This software can also confirm if these individuals are or are not wearing masks, which is crucial for the safety of those around them. This software works by having a visitor have their photo taken while standing at a safe distance from the kiosk. It then processes the image using specialized software to identify the employee and match them with their health and personnel records. 


8. Digital Signage and Custom Messaging

Digital signage and custom messaging is an added benefit of most types of kiosks. With their large screens, health tips or public health information can be displayed for all employees and visitors to see. Messaging can include reminders to wash hands frequently, maintain adequate social distancing, and wear a face mask at all times. These kiosks can also be customized to provide touch-free health questionnaires to better improve a visitor’s experience. These questionnaires use voice recognition or mobile apps so that directly touching the kiosk is not required.


9. Lower Labor Costs

Lower labor costs are an immediate benefit of temperature kiosks. Instead of having to assign workers to man a door for temperature readings and screenings, a kiosk can handle the task, freeing up these individuals for more complex jobs. There is also no need to train staff members on proper screening, and fewer mistakes due to human error. 

As you can see, temperature kiosks are fast becoming a crucial tool for many organizations. They ensure that individuals understand their current health status while helping to keep building environments safer. 

REDYREF’s kiosks are always manufactured with an emphasis on quality and customer needs. Contact REDYREF today to get started with a temperature screening kiosk that will help protect the health of both employees and visitors.

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