What is an interactive digital concierge kiosk?

Digital concierge kiosks are kiosks designed to create a better customer experience. These kiosks are custom-built with learning software which helps teach it to cater to a wide variety of requests. Today, we will look at what an interactive digital concierge kiosk can do for you.

What is an interactive digital concierge kiosk?

An interactive digital concierge kiosk is designed to fulfill the role of a guest services specialist. These kiosks are flexible, which makes them useful for a variety of different tasks, including welcoming, registering and guiding.

Who uses digital concierge kiosks?

There are three difference audiences for whom digital concierge kiosks can be helpful:

  1. Visitors: Visitors include vendors, visitors, and customers – essentially, anyone who isn’t a part of the organization deploying the kiosk. Some common environments for visitor concierge kiosks include office buildings, educational campuses, trade shows, museums, and hotels, and event venues.
  2. Residents: Residents include those who live or work in a certain space. This includes apartment buildings or condos, rent or own space within an office complex, office employees, and college students who attend school and/or live on campus.
  3. Participants: Participants are those who gather for professional events. These include congresses and conventions, trade shows, seminars, and job-related training.

What are the main types of digital concierge kiosks? 

Concierge kiosks can be physical or purely digital:

Interactive Touch Screen Kiosks

Touchscreen kiosks most often feature capacitive touch screens that function similarly to the way a smart phone might. They are generally a very responsive type of touch screen. These kiosks are usual integrated with digital kiosk software designed to handle multiple concierge-related tasks, such as visitor management, visitor or guest self-check-in, and building directories and wayfinding. Examples of touch screen kiosks include those found in hotel and office lobbies.

Mobile Apps with QR Codes

Mobile app and QR codes provide a unique way to access the information available via a digital concierge. Instead of hosting the information on a full-size kiosk, the QR code for the app can simply be scanned by visitors from something as simple as a piece of paper, or as complex as a digital video wall. Once the app is downloaded onto the user’s personal device, usually from a Cloud-based storage service, they can access the information anywhere, taking it with them as they navigate the area. Visitors can also use it to check in or out of their hotel room, a conference, or office building. And for organizations that don’t have much useable space, mobile apps can be an excellent way to make information available, even without a physical kiosk present.

Concierge Kiosk Benefits

Concierge kiosks provide key benefits for both businesses and the end-users:

Help Visitors Get the Latest and Most Accurate Information

A valuable feature of digital kiosks is their ability to be quickly and easily updated, therefore providing always-up-to-date news and information. In a hotel, for example, a digital concierge kiosk could be used to provide information about local tourist attractions or restaurants, including website information and links to purchase tickets or make reservations.

Assist Guests in Navigating Their Environment

Nearly all kiosks can be integrated with directional and wayfinding software. Maps can be added in 2- or 3-D, and can include “turn-by-turn” instructions, directories, lighted paths, and may include important navigational landmarks. This technology is especially valuable for new visitors who are still becoming familiar with their environment, decreasing their stress and helping to ensure a more positive experience. 

Offer Additional Branding and Marketing Opportunities for Businesses

Kiosks provide a unique opportunity in terms of marketing, because they can also display information about other available products and services. For example, a hotel check-in kiosk may also choose to promote spa services and specials, or available in-room purchases like flowers, wine, or room service. These kiosks can also display high definition video and photos to enhance or burnish the company’s brand. 

Can Decrease Overhead

Kiosks can help keep overhead low by reducing the cost of hiring full-time staff. A digital concierge kiosk can many administrative tasks via automation, which then allows employees to handle requests that are better addressed by in-person customer service. 

Examples of concierge kiosks

Although many may not realize it, digital concierge kiosks are everywhere, and chances are, most people have already used one.

Digital Visitor Management Kiosk

Also known as a virtual receptionist, visitor management kiosks can be as simple as a tablet with self-check-in, or as complex as a full freestanding kiosk system with facial recognition software. These kiosks can track who is in the building, inform employees or residents they they have guests, print ID badges, and give access to secure areas of buildings via scannable visitor passes.

Hotel Self-Check-In & Information Kiosks

Digital concierge kiosks can be integrated with software that handles guest check-in and check-out, area information, maps, hotel directories and information, and available guest amenities such as in-room food and beverage options and spa amenities. They can also help guests book and purchase tickets to events as well as make restaurant reservations.

Museum Information Kiosks

When placed in a museum, digital kiosks can provide directions within the museum, including information about exhibits and special events. They may also allow visitors to purchase digital or physical museum tickets, view restaurant or food options for on-site restaurants, become museum members or even donate to the organization itself. 

Interactive digital concierge kiosks help provide a better experience for visitors and guests.  Whether physical or digital, they help businesses connect with their customers to better serve them, keeping them coming back. Considering a digital concierge kiosk? Request more information or a quote from the top kiosk manufacture, REDYREF today


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