The Benefits of Interactive Digital Signage

Interactive digital signage is quickly changing the way that businesses interact with their customers. An ever-evolving technology, interactive signage provides consumers with more choice, greater freedom, and a more engaging user experience.

Today, let us discuss the ways in which interactive digital signage is evolving and the benefits it can offer to many industries. 

What is Interactive Digital Signage? 

Interactive digital signage is a type of digital display that allows users to interact with them by either touch or other means, such as a mouse, keyboard or even a mobile phone. Consumers benefit from a more customizable experience, and businesses benefit by gaining greater insight into their customers’ preferences, which then allows them to better design future interactions that fulfill these users’ needs.

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Why is Interactive Digital Signage Important? 

Interactive digital signage is important as it can be used to deliver a number of different experiences to customers, increasing overall satisfaction with brands, products, and companies. This can include targeted advertising, interactive games, wayfinding, or providing an alternative and often, a more convenient place, to carry out various transactions, such as paying for an item or purchasing a ticket.

The Benefits of Interactive Digital Signage

Interactive digital signage provides an interactive display that can be tailored to fit a business’ needs. As opposed to other forms of signage, interactive signage can help showcase multiple brands, products, programs, and promotions, providing a flexible marketing channel that is easily updated and changed, often making it a more cost-effective option in the long run.

Some of the benefits include: 

Enhanced Customer Experience 

Interactive digital signage tends to be larger-scale, brightly lit and attractive, allowing companies to easily grab the attention of potential customers. Interactive displays provide a unique opportunity for leaving a lasting impression on a customer as they can interact with it on their terms and create an experience that is tailored to their own desires.

If the experience of using the signage is entertaining and intuitive, it helps burnish a company, product or brand’s reputation. For those customers who prefer to shop without the pressure of a salesperson, digital signage with transactional integrations allows them the freedom to browse or buy without the need for assistance. 

Brand Recognition

As customers become increasingly familiar with using interactive digital displays, it helps enhance brand awareness and recognition. Over time, consumers will start identifying the displays and signage with a specific product, company, brand or service. If their experience with the signage has been positive, it can help improve customers’ perception of the business or products, making it more likely they would be willing to return or purchase again. 

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Increasing Brand Trust

Similar to brand recognition, brand trust is essential for creating a positive image. To ensure that brands’ images remain positive, many companies choose to utilize interactive digital signage to reinforce the good that they are doing out in the world by showcasing their work with charities, including charitable giving, or with specific important causes that would resonate with their core customers. This helps create a deeper level of trust between businesses and their customers and increases revenue over the long term due to the same customers’ loyalty.


In addition to providing a better user experience, digital signage can help increase awareness of new products, programs, or special offers. As digital signage is large and easy to recognize, it provides an excellent channel to showcase anything new or exciting happening with a company or brand. 

Cost-Efficient Dynamic Marketing

With the use of dynamic ad displays, interactive digital signage can be a cost-effective marketing solution, even if it requires an initial investment that is greater than static or paper signage. Dynamic ad displays provide the ability to show a rotating collection of multiple ads that are programmed remotely and stored on a cloud server.

This provides flexibility and also allows businesses to test the effectiveness of different ads. For example, if one ad provides a call to action, suggesting the viewer visit a specific website landing page, and another unique ad for the same product features different ad creative, such as copy and images, and features a different landing page address, companies can then tell which ad was more attractive to consumers, based on the amount of traffic each landing page receives. 

Different Ways to Enable Interaction Through Digital Signage Displays

The purpose of interactive digital signage is to create a memorable customer experience while also increasing brand awareness. Below are some of the ways that digital signage can help improve the customer experience.  


Touch screens provide an interactive solution that is easily accessible. Users simply need to touch the digital screen in front of them to access multiple choices. It is for this reason that touch screen signage is employed in so many industries today.

Augmented Reality

Becoming more common today, augmented reality provides users with an interactive reality that can entertain and engage users. This technology utilizes a large camera to map out an area, providing an entertaining augmented space for the user to interact with. This can include taking photos of the user “inside” of the the augmented reality environment. 

QR Code

QR codes are scanned via users mobile phones, and generally open up a webpage in the phone’s browser. These codes can be used to store additional information that would be difficult to display effectively or attractively in person, such as details about artwork in a museum. They can also be used to create a more engaging experience through activities,  such as a scavenger hunt, making the process of discovering them more entertaining. 

Gesture Recognition and Human Motion Tracking

Gesture recognition and human motion tracking can be used in advertisements and games. Similar to augmented reality, gesture recognition and tracking can be used to entertain someone and create an engaging, memorable experience while promoting a brand or company.

Social Media

Social media, such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, can provide an excellent, effective platform with which to interact with customers, giving companies greater insight into their wants and needs. An active social media presence can help expand brand awareness even further, especially with the help of social media influencers. 

Interactive digital signage improves customer experience, allowing them to personalize their choices. Conversely, understanding customers’ choices allows organizations better provide the customers with better service and products. Creating a more engaging experience via interactive digital signage makes it easier to grow a healthy customer base that is more willing and able to advocate for the products and companies they trust. 

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