REDYREF Announces New Contactless Temperature Monitoring and Hand Sanitizer-Dispensing Kiosks for Employee and Visitor Management

REDYREF Interactive Kiosks has developed new, touchless employee and visitor management kiosks with built-in wellness integrations including contactless temperature monitoring and hand sanitizer dispensing. The wellness kiosk can be configured with a range of software. This includes applications capable of tracking self-reported employee health in order to verify their readiness to safely return to work, and building access control solutions able to flag potentially ill visitors and employees before they enter the facility. These kiosks offer organizations new ways to create safer indoor environments for all during the COVID-19 pandemic, and beyond. 


Riverdale, NJ: As the world re-opens in the wake of COVID-19, there is an increasing demand for technology that will allow businesses to do so as safely as possible. REDYREF Interactive, a global leader in kiosk manufacturing and self-service solutions, is pleased to announce the release of its new touchless wellness kiosk to assist organizations in getting their employees back to work as safely as possible. 


Developed as an all-in-one solution to address visitor and employee health concerns during the COVID-19 pandemic, the contactless kiosk features a software application for employee health self-assessment, alongside hardware integrations such as contactless temperature monitoring and hand sanitizer dispensing. Other innovative kiosk software solutions include touchless building directories, “always-on” digital signage, virtual concierge applications, and building access control options that help limit the entry of potentially sick individuals. 


Kiosks Designed to Help “Slow the Spread” Beyond COVID-19

REDYREF’s wellness kiosks are integrated with innovative hardware including contactless thermal imaging capabilities to check employees’ and visitors’ temperatures prior to accessing the building. A touchless hand sanitizer dispensing station is positioned below a digital display that can be programmed with messaging encouraging users to do their part by washing their hands frequently and using sanitizer when available. 

One of the most unique aspects of the new self-service kiosk solution is the available building access control software that is able to flag visitors and employees displaying symptoms before they even enter the main facility. “Reducing building access for those individuals displaying COVID-19 symptoms creates a safer indoor environment not just during the current pandemic, but for all future cold and flu seasons as well,” says Will Pymm, REDYREF’s managing partner. “It’s an investment in wellness that will pay dividends into the next decade and beyond.” 

Employee and Visitor Management Kiosk for COVID-19

The software enables companies to automate the process of monitoring COVID-19 and influenza symptoms for both employees and visitors. The system operates on a novel pass system based on a self-reported questionnaire. Employees at low risk for transmitting the virus are issued a patent-pending GreenPass™. The pass, in turn, is able to be integrated with onsite access control systems that allow entry only to those to whom the pass has been issued. 

Other features of the platform include:

  • “Live” monitoring of employee health
  • Secure messaging with customized protocols if an ill employee is identified
  • Real-time communication of potential risks to personnel management professionals, allowing for activation of contact tracing, and the quick addressing of potential staffing needs due to key employee absences
  • Mobile access passes for cleared employees that can be validated when entering any linked business location
  • The opportunity to combine passes with temperature checks for an additional layer of safety
  • Available facial recognition technology for those with greater security needs


Simplifying Visitor Management in the COVID-19 Era 

For companies that do not have building access control needs but still wish to enhance the visitor experience, a wide range of low-touch/no-touch software is also available, including building directory, wayfinding, and virtual concierge applications able to broadcast key public health messaging. Many of these applications allow users to send this information directly to their mobile devices without ever touching the kiosk itself, therefore decreasing touchpoints and helping to limit the transmission of potential pathogens such as viruses and bacteria.

When utilizing touchless technology is not feasible for a given business requirement, REDYREF offers optional “safer-to-touch” kiosk integrations as well. These combine lower-touch visitor management software solutions with innovations like antimicrobial film and hand-sanitizing wipe dispensers to help keep surfaces as clean as possible between users.

COVID-19 Visitor Management Kiosks


Multi-Industry Visitor Management Technology for a Post-COVID-19 World

REDYREF offers kiosk solutions across markets and applications, including:

  • Commercial Real Estate
  • Medical Buildings & Campuses
  • Mixed-Use and Retail Spaces
  • Hospitality and Enterprise

Although every industry has its own specific challenges related to the pandemic, the universal theme of adopting employee and visitor management technology that keeps public health considerations front-of-mind will remain paramount for the foreseeable future. And while it may be impossible to precisely predict what to expect from the post-COVID-19 new normal, what we do know is that organizations will be expected to incorporate the best technology to ensure this happens. Touchless, low-touch, and safer-to-touch wellness kiosk solutions, like those available from REDYREF, are available now to help companies do exactly that.

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