8 Innovative Use Cases for Cash-to-Card Kiosks and Reverse ATMs

At REDYREF, we’re always looking for ways to make everyday transactions easier and more secure for users, and simpler and more profitable for our customers. Our cash-to-card kiosks and reverse ATMs, which convert cash into prepaid cards, are perfect examples of this mission. While these kiosks are commonly used in places like fairs, arenas and other concert and sports venues, their potential goes far beyond this set of use cases. Below, you can check out eight of the most interesting and unique ways these kiosks are being used across many different environments:  


cash-to-card kiosks and reverse ATMs

1. Tourist Destinations

  • Travel Convenience: Tourists can easily convert their cash into a card that can be used throughout their visit, reducing the need to carry large amounts of foreign currency.
  • Multi-language Support: Our kiosks can provide instructions in multiple languages to assist international travelers.

2. Schools and Universities

  • Campus Transactions: Students can use prepaid cards from reverse ATMs for campus dining, bookstore purchases, and laundry facilities, promoting a safer and more efficient campus environment.
  • Parental Control: Parents can load cards with a specific amount of money for their children’s use, allowing better control over spending.

3. Charities and Non-Profits

  • Fundraising Events: During fundraising events, attendees can convert cash donations into prepaid cards to be used for raffles, auctions, or purchases at the event.
  • Support Services: Provide prepaid cards to those in need instead of cash, making it easier to keep track of purchases, while making access to funds easier and more secure.

4. Workplaces and Corporate Settings

  • Employee Rewards: Companies can use cash-to-card kiosks to issue prepaid cards as rewards or bonuses, making it easier to distribute incentives.
  • Expense Management: Prepaid cards can be used for managing petty cash and employee expenses, reducing the need for reimbursement processes.

5. Public Transportation

  • Fare Payment: Enable passengers to convert cash into a prepaid transit card, simplifying fare payment and reducing the need for exact change.
  • Tourist Passes: Offer tourist passes that can be loaded with a specific amount for use on public transportation systems.

6. Gaming and Entertainment Centers

  • Arcades and Casinos: Replace traditional tokens or chips with prepaid cards that can be used for gaming, simplifying the process and enhancing security.
  • Amusement Parks: Allow visitors to use prepaid cards for rides, games, and food, providing a seamless and cashless experience.

kids kingdom cash-to-card kiosks kiosks

7. Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities

  • Patient and Visitor Services: Patients and visitors can use prepaid cards from reverse ATMs for cafeteria meals, vending machines, and gift shop purchases.
  • Patient Support: Provide prepaid cards to patients for transportation or other essential services upon discharge.

9. Correctional Facilities

  • Inmate Commissary: Allow inmates to use cash-to-card kiosks for purchasing items from the commissary, reducing the handling of physical money within the facility.
  • Visitor Services: Visitors can use prepaid cards for vending machines and other services during their visit.

REDYREF as a Manufacturing Partner for Cash-to-Card Kiosks and Reverse ATMs 

At REDYREF, we’re committed to providing innovative kiosk solutions that meet the diverse needs of our customers. Our cash-to-card kiosks and reverse ATMs offer convenience, security, and efficiency across various settings, from events and tourist destinations to schools, workplaces, and beyond.

Ready to explore how our kiosks can benefit your organization? Contact us today to learn more about our solutions and how we can help transform your operations together!

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