Smart Digital Signage Software | 2023 Guide

Smart digital signage software is a powerful tool used by many different types of companies to display targeted messages, information, and advertising to customers and visitors. With the rise of digital technology, traditional static signs are being replaced by digital displays that can be easily updated and controlled from a central location. In this article, we will explore the uses, benefits, and types of smart digital signage software available, as well as who is using it and where.

Uses for Smart Digital Signage Software

Smart digital signage software is used to display a variety of information and messaging, including advertisements, news updates, weather forecasts, and event information. In retail environments, it is often used to showcase new products, promotions, and discounts. In healthcare settings, it can be used to provide wayfinding information, display wait times, and educate patients about a wide range of health topics. In corporate settings, digital signage can be used to display meeting schedules, company news, and important announcements.

Types of Companies That Use Smart Digital Signage Software

Smart digital signage software is used by a wide variety of companies across different industries, including retail, healthcare, hospitality, corporate, education, and transportation.

  • In the retail industry, it is used by department stores, shopping malls, and specialty stores to showcase products and promotions.
  • In healthcare, it is used by hospitals, clinics, and medical offices to provide patients with information and reduce wait times.
  • In hospitality, it is used by hotels and resorts to display information about amenities and events.
  • In corporate settings, it is used by companies to display internal communications and company news.
  • In education, it is used by schools and universities to provide information to students and visitors.
  • In transportation, it is used by airports and train stations to display flight information and to assist in wayfinding.

Benefits of Smart Digital Signage Software

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One of the main benefits of smart digital signage software is its flexibility and ability to be easily updated in order to change messaging. With traditional static signs, updates can be time-consuming and costly. Digital signage allows companies to easily update messaging from a central location and can be scheduled to change based on the time of day or week. This flexibility allows companies to tailor their messaging to different audiences and events. Digital signage is also more engaging and eye-catching than traditional signs, which can help companies to better capture the attention of customers and visitors.

Types of Kiosks and Signs That Use Smart Digital Signage Software

Smart digital signage software is generally integrated with either freestanding kiosks and wall-mounted signs, which may be single displays or configured like a video wall. Video walls are made up of multiple digital displays arranged in a grid, and are often used in retail environments and large public spaces. They can be informative or decorative -- or both! Interactive kiosks allow users to interact with the display and can be used for wayfinding, information, and ordering. Self-service kiosks are used for a variety of applications, including ticketing, ordering, and check-in.

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